Join our young foundation that is changing the educational model of the Netherlands!

Hello 👋🏿 We are Codam Coding College. Students at Codam learn software engineering. Our school is based on the Marineterrein, in the heart of Amsterdam! The students at Codam learn programming through our unique peer-to-peer educational model. However, that is not all: we cover students' tuition fees, there are no teachers and we are open 24/7! Moreover, Codam is accessible to everyone, because no previous education or diploma is required. 

Our core mission is to prepare the next generation for the jobs of today and tomorrow by offering high quality and scalable software engineering education!

👑 Snapshots of the Codam team 👑

Our story

Codam opened in September 2018 with the first batch of candidates. In the summer of 2019, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands opened our school in Amsterdam! This kickstarted a big growth of our school. We currently have 280 students and will welcome 100 more after this summer. Our amazing alumni are employed in various sectors, including start-ups, scale ups and leading tech industry.

We are really excited to be able to welcome more members in our 8-headed team! That means that we are expanding and growing up, in terms of students but also in terms of ambitions. We are looking into opening new locations and becoming the largest supplier of software engineering education in the Netherlands.

We welcome you to check out the positions below. In case of any questions, you can find the contact details like email and phone number at the bottom of this page. Right under some random team snaps over the past 3 years!

🕺🏾 Snapshot of the students 💃

Our Core Values

  1. Making a difference
    Open to everyone, peer to peer learning, and free of charge
  2. Learning to learn
    Don’t know it yet? Ask again tomorrow
  3. Nurturing diversity & inclusion
    Our differences drive innovation

  4. Providing equitable chances
    Considerate of individual circumstances and needs

  5. Going above and beyond
    Passionate, engaged and committed to the cause